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AACF was established as a not-for-profit agency in 1985, African American Christian Foundation (AACF) has helped to create employment opportunity for community residents regardless of race, color or religious affiliation.
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AACF offers a broad range of programs designed to empower and meet the growing needs of the underemployed in Illinois.
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We rely on your support to continue our programs. There are many ways you can help.
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As a WIOA Service provider, we offer employment and vocational training services under the Workforce Investment Act. Qualified participants may receive up to $8000.00 to got to an approved vocational school, college or university. AACF has added Industry Specific Bridge Program to its Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program to create opportunities to place youths into entry level jobs. The program is a bridge between our internship program and CARA Staffing initiative. To qualify a youth must already be enrolled in the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program and/or is currently waiting permanent placement after the successful completion of a six-week internship with a local employer. AACF maintains a waiting list for the Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program. For more information call 708-848-1700 or complete the online Youth Program Waitlist.

Youth Program Waitlist

The Community Technology Center offers Basic Microsoft Word and Excel courses monthly. To register for a course, call 708-848-1700. Through the KAM Institute of Healthcare and Technology, AACF offers vocational training in a wide array of computer applications and business technical skills. For more information, contact us.

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Manufacturing Technology Internship Program

This program is designed to provide classroom instruction with hands-on training in the manufacturing work environment. The program focus on the skills and training needed in manufacturing careers such as welding, tool and die, or machinist. Career and Employment Assistance services provides job readiness skills training, vocational training, guidance and support throughout all phases of the employment process for job seekers. For additional career assistance or to participate in our staffing initiative, visit www.carastaffing.com.

Inspiring Youths And Adults For Tomorrow

The current minimum wage of the State of Illinois at $8.25 is higher than the federal minimum wage but still not a living wage.
Compared to high school graduates, high school dropout are less likely find a job earning a living wage, more likely to be poor and rely on public assistance, engage in crime and generate other social costs. (Rumberger).

Join our movement to create economic equity for low income members of our community and end the cycle of poverty.

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Shape A Future Gala & Awards, the annual benefit of the African American Christian Foundation, celebrates our work and achievements on October 15, 2016.

2016 Walk-a-Thon

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Email walk@aacfworks.org for more information.

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Strategic partnerships is key to our comprehensive program offering. Find out how your organization can partner with us.

Advantages of a Staffing Agency for Small Businesses

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is how to compete with large corporations that have more resources. As you grow, you’ll need to add members to your team, but how do you find the time to sort through all those resumes, conduct interviews, and... read more
Shoutavia is our latest proud motorist.          May 4th was the first day of work for 4 female interns that started work at the CHA.          Latricia got her driver’s license today.          A job well done Rasean on your successful completion of work experience and getting a fulfillment position with your worksite.          Great job Chaurice for getting your high school diploma.          Welcome Loretta Hospital as our newest work-site.          Did you know that you can get up to $600 for your working used car if you are unable to donate it for a tax deduction. Inquire about our Cars4Work program.          Personalized case management can go a long way, Tahanna bought her first car with help from her case manager using the money she has saved from work and a little financial support from our car donation program Cars4Work.          Reginald passed the GED on November 19, 1015. Congratulations Reginald.          Mr. Floyd donated to support our general operational fund. Thank you for your support.          Working Mothers Grant applications are being processed now until June 30, 1016.          Johnnie got a job with a local manufacturing company on October 29, 2015.          Youths, interested in college or advance education? Call to find out how you can qualify for up to $8000 for school, college, trade or university of your choice today.          Thank you Dr. Sintim for your time and generous support of our programs and services.          Find out how you can donate your used car for a deserving youth to go to work.          Gary got a job with the local State Farm agent after a successful 6 weeks internship and passing his license exams.

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