About AACF

The African American Christian Foundation is a community- based organization that specializes in innovative workforce development program models to provide career pathways, work-based learning, higher education and alternative education to reengage individuals disconnected from school and work. Established in 1985, the African American Christian Foundation (AACF) has helped to create employment opportunities for community residents regardless of race, color or religious affiliation. AACF provides job training programs and job placement services to young adults in Chicago and neighboring communities. Our job training programs combine vocational technical skills training with job readiness skills and job placement. We address the socioeconomic needs of our program participants through the use of technology, vocational training, career counseling and family supportive services. Over 200 adolescents and young adults utilize the center each year because they want to succeed. This year another 100 families will succeed and move towards self-sufficiency here at AACF.

Our Values

Importance of Education: We believe that education is power, a matter of economics and freedom for our program participants.

Dignity of Work: We celebrate the endless possibilities that results from hard work, it shapes futures and changes lives. We believe in the value of work, investing in human capital and the beneficial impact that work has on employers and employees.

Collaboration: We create and support partnerships and strategically engage a variety of local and regional partners in workforce and economic development to ensure our program effectiveness and success.

Innovation: We design and implement initiatives that result in positive outcomes for our employers and job seekers. We continually seek creative solutions to existing workforce challenges.

Who We Serve

AACF serves adolescent youths and young adults age 16 - 24 experiencing joblessness and extreme poverty (200% below the poverty line). Most are parenting youth living in unstable transient living situation “house hopping” and others are homeless. 82% are Latino or African-American with no marketable skills. Over 70% come from families unable to support their hope against hope to succeed. Approximately 50% have dropped out of school and on average read at a 4th grade level. Despite these challenges, our participants persevere with the desire to improve their lives and move toward economic independence and family stability.

Our Mission

The mission of AACF is to train and assist low-income residents of Cook County communities to acquire skills, actively foster economic opportunity and build effective social relations that will lead to economic independence, individual welfare and promote community stability.

Our Motto

Inspired service. Unlimited possibilities.

AACF - Oak Park, IL


AACF Oak Park Location 6707 North Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302
AACF Chicago Location 333 S. Wabash Ave., Ste. 2700, Chicago, IL 60604

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