What We Do Matters…

To the 286 people all living below the poverty line who turned to us in 2016 for assistance with their educational, employment and personal goals.

332 supportive services provided                                                       $254,418 in grants and paid wages to interns
54 unduplicated support provided to working single mothers     72 participants are working with a case manager to achieve their goals


2016 Youth Demographics

Youths: Walk-ins 219
Areas: Chicago West Side 68%

Served: 72
Suburban Cook County: 27%

Placed: 37
Unknown: 5%

GED Alternative School Completion Rate: 46%

Initial Placement Rate: 97%

Average 12-Month Pre-Program Earnings: $0

College Attendance Rate: 11%

Placement Retention Rate: 51%

Average 12-Month Post - Program Earnings: $18,000

Population Served

Gender Female      46% Male          54%

Ethnicity Black or African Americans     79% Hispanic or Latino                     10.5%

White           7% Unknown      5.9%

Adult Demographics

Adults: Walk-ins
Areas:  Chicago West Side   %

Suburban Cook County %

Chicago Side Side %

Placement Rate: 34%

Average 12-Month Pre-Program Earnings: N/A

Average 12-Month Post-Program Earnings: 

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