What We Do Matters…

To the 511 people living below the poverty line who turned to us in 2021-2022 for assistance with their educational, employment, housing, and personal goals. 220 were served and 291 were impacted by AACF community wide during the program year.

91% of participants reported overall satisfaction with AACF and the services they recieved

$252,256 in educational grants and paid wages to interns

220 participants worked with a case manager to achieve their goals

72% of participants had a wage increase

100% of participants were gaven the opportunity to learn and improve their future

10% were provided with supportive housing services with a quarter finding stable housing

5% were provided with mental health support


2022 Youth Demographics

Youths: Walk-ins 361
Areas: Chicago West Side 52%

Served: 120
Suburban Cook County: 43%

Job Placement Rate: 72%
Chicago South Side: 5%

GED Alternative School Completion Rate: 31%

Placement Rate: 45%

Average 12-Month Pre-Program Earnings: $0

Post Secondary Placement: 32%

Placement Retention Rate: 49%

Average 12-Month Post - Program Earnings: $34,360

Population Served

Gender Female      75% Male          25%

Ethnicity Black or African Americans     90% Hispanic or Latino                     10%

White           0% Unknown      0%

2022 Adult Demographics

Adults: 150
Areas: Chicago West Side  80%

Served: 100
Suburban Cook County 20%

Placed: 31
Chicago South Side: 0%

Placement Rate: 47%

Average 12-Month Pre-Program Earnings: N/A

Average 12-Month Post-Program Earnings: 

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