A huge THANK YOU to the Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation for the gift of funding to provide up to thirty laptops for our program participants involved in vocational training or work that requires technology. This generous donation allows us to increase the number of youths to which we can provide free education and job training. The addition to our Technology Training Center will be instrumental in allowing us to increase our scope of helping low income youth to rise above the level of poverty and gain financial freedom and independence. IT-related careers are the fastest growing job field in the nation, with a projected 20% rate of growth, now through 2030. Equipping our low income youth program participants with these valuable and highly marketable job skills will prepare them for a future of economic growth and financial success.

We are currently providing Pharmacy Tech training, Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) training, and Commercial Drivers License training to our participants. Additionally, we place participants in paid internships and on the job training work situations which provide living wages and opportunities for our youth to gain work experience and become economically independent, building lifelong career pathways.  

More on the Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation:

Based in a south suburb in Chicagoland, the private grantmaking foundation was created by its namesakes Edmond and Alice Opler who have committed their lives to working for and with organizations that support the well-being of youths, adults, and families. Their mission is: to foster the well-being of children, including, but not limited to, organizations involved in education, the arts and culture, social interaction, health and rehabilitation, and support of children in need and also includes the well-being of adults, families, the mentally disabled, blind and deaf, those experiencing homelessness, and giving to organizations devoted to supporting those experiencing financial and social setbacks.

It is through the generous donations of organizations like the Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation and others that we are able to provide free education and job training to our youth program participants, enabling them to embark upon living wage careers with room to grow. If you would like to support our cause of empowering low income community to rise to a level of financial freedom and independence, please consider giving in a variety of ways:

Volunteer [https://aacfworks.org/help-us/volunteer/]

Partner with Us [https://aacfworks.org/become-a-worksite/]

Donate [https://aacfworks.org/help-us/]

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