We are excited to announce two new training sites for our Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training Program: Swedish Hospital and Symphony of Evanston, beginning in February 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for everyone and securing partnerships with these two high
quality state of the art medical facilities has been a hugely positive development for our CNA program for the start of this year. We are very grateful for both organizations’ welcome of open arms to our youth program participants in providing them with these training opportunities and exceptional clinical experience.

Our CNA Training Program prepares youth participants for work in a health or home setting and consists of a ten week course that involves both classroom instruction as well as clinical site training experience. After completing the lecture portion of the program, students will gain hands-on work experience at either Swedish Hospital or Symphony of Evanston which will be a huge bonus in the employment application process. Equally important, program participants will gain work experience in a clinical setting that will help them to build their skills and better serve their future patients. There is also the potential for future employment at either worksite.

About Swedish Hospital and Symphony of Evanston: Swedish Hospital was founded in 1899 as a nurse training program and is now part of the NorthShore University HealthSystem as a training hospital serving Chicago’s diverse north and northwest area residents. Symphony Evanston, a recovery-based nursing home company created in 1978, has 28 locations in the Midwest. It boasts recovery-based nursing homes with state of the art facilities serving both short term and long term care. We wish to express our sincere gratitude to both organizations for taking on our CNA training program participants for on the job training and for the important memorable educational experiences that they will provide.

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