Career and Employment Assistance Program

AACF Oak Park, IllinoisThe program offers employment and placement services to walk-ins and referrals that are adult dislocated or under employed. As a contractual partner of the Cook County Workforce Partnership, applicants who qualify are offered advance job placement assistance, job readiness and vocational training through the Workforce Incentive Act (WIA).

AACF Oak Park, IllinoisThe program is offered to eligible participants that have successfully been certified to receive services. Courses are designed to provide participants entry level computer skills such as keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, and database software.

The technical skills portion of the program is designed to equip students with working knowledge for quick reentry into the workforce. For those who have lost their jobs, training is offered for 4 months in Microsoft Office technology, manufacturing and accounting. Job placement is a major component of this vocational training to enable participants to enter into gainful employment and provide students with available job opportunities and skill set requirements. Additional services include advice concerning career planning and help in attaining employment upon completion of training. Be advice, we do not guarantee placement or salary level; however, we have been able to achieve 80% or higher placement rate.

WIA Program Qualifications

  • Adults ages 22 and above
  • Resident of Cook County
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Completion of program application and Testing

WIA Program Orientation and Workshops

Program Orientations are held every Monday from 10 A.M. to Noon and 2 P.M. to 3 P.M.
Work Readiness Workshops are held twice a month, five days a week, four hours per day. Call 708-848-1700 for a schedule.

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