Mentoring Program

Making a Difference

Mentoring is an important element of AACF’s comprehensive approach to preparing youths to become successful adults. We work to help youths build stable, trusting relationships with adult role models in the community. Studies show that children guided by positive role models are more likely to demonstrate academic improvement, self-confidence and a sense of belonging. These youths are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, skip school, or engage in violence and crime. AACF youth mentors help our students learn to set goals, solve problems and make good choices. Youths in our Mentoring Program are more likely to stay in school, graduate from high school, and attend college. Mentors are encouraged to participate in simple bonding activities like reading together, shooting hoops, doing homework, or visiting museums.

If you are interested in having a mentor, let your case manager know or call 708-848-1700.

If you are community member interested in being a mentor, please send us an email or call 708-848-1700.


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