Tutoring and College Preparation

The Academic Tutoring Program helps under achieving students advance one grade level or higher on standardized achievement tests. Our comprehensive program is designed to help students between the ages of 16 and 24 of all skill levels, to reach their full potential. Each student’s skills set is assessed at orientation through a series of diagnostic tests and interviews tailored to accurately pinpoint academic strengths and weaknesses. We use the results of the assessment to design a personalized learning plan to meet your child’s need. Students also get homework help.

We help our students develop a genuine love of learning that will help them throughout their academic careers. We offer a combination of personalized instruction, diagnostic along with accountability.

AACF Oak Park, IllinoisStudents Learn:

  • Mathematic skills
  • Reading and Writing
  • Basic Science
  • Homework Help
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Test Taking and preparation
  • Study skills

Our teachers and program administrators continuously monitor each student’s progress and modify individual learning plans if needed. AACF teachers are committed to helping students succeed. They use positive reinforcement, rewards, and goal setting to motivate students, to improve confidence and improve their skills.

College Preparation

We help our students develop a genuine love of learning and college preparations skills that will help them throughout their academic careers. Our college Preparation Program encourage students to stay in school, attend college and assist with college preparation exams and financial aid applications. Eligible first year college students can apply for our KRAM Scholar Fund.

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