You’ve packed away your heavy sweaters and cleaned those hard to reach corners of the house. Now is the time to reevaluate your career. Whether or not you are currently seeking employment, or thinking of embarking on a new career path, now is the season of renewed energy and the time for change. Brush up on your skills, learn a new trade, polish your resume, and get going on a jumpstart of your next career.

First things first: evaluate where you currently are professionally. Are you satisfied with your current employment? Do you enjoy your work? Are you earning enough to live now and save for the future? Are you seeking new opportunities? If you are looking to spring clean your career, take action. Learn about what opportunities are out there and which ones might be a good fit for you. Be aware of what interests you and how that can translate into paid work. Talk to people who have jobs that you may be interested in and ask questions. Ask about how they discovered the job they work in, whether or not they enjoy it, and why, and what kind of training or education was required for the job. Thank them for their time. Everyone you speak with about work can become a member of your networking circle, a very valuable resource for job leads.

At times we need to add new clothes to our wardrobe to fit the season, apparel with a purpose. Researching various careers online and by talking to people will inform you whether or not you will need training to explore if you are interested in a change of jobs or to embark on a new career. If you are on the fast track to a new career, there are countless well-paid professions that require training or certification that you can obtain in under six months and at relatively low cost. Learn about these kinds of careers and consider if one of them is the right one for you. If your next career requires a four-year college degree or beyond research universities and what they have to offer. Talk with admissions counselors and learn about what programs are available for your interests and in the career you are interested in pursuing. You can also speak with a financial aid counselor to learn about ways to fund your education.

As you complete your job training, next up it will be time to clean up your resume and your online presence. Tidy up your resume by researching keywords based on your experience that will make you appear desirable to hiring managers. Use numbers to prove your abilities and list all of your training. And have a friend or a professional resume writer review it and offer suggestions. Keep a tidy digital footprint by setting your Facebook to private or post only about professional topics that will put you in a positive place in the eyes of hiring managers. Create a LinkedIn profile with recommendations from past and current work colleagues. Social media can be a great place to network and even find new jobs.

We are here to help you with getting on track with your career path. If you are seeking career coaching, new job leads, training, or help with polishing your resume we can help you with those. Consider joining our workforce development and job training program if you are spring cleaning to prepare for your next career!

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