Success Feels Good

Keonte’s Way

College is getting harder to afford every day, cutting off an important path to a satisfying and rewarding career that also pays. But there are other ways to gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for and even raise money and/or apply to...

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Kevyon’s Journey

It’s not easy to turn your life around, but AACF is here to help kids like Kevyon do just that. Growing up in a family of eight, Kevyon’s family was constantly struggling to pay the bills. Kevyon had gotten in trouble with the law and had been assigned a...

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Kiara’s Courage

Kiara B. is also one of our youth participants in the Youth Employment Program through CCWP. Kiara was on the verge of being homeless when she came into our office for help. We placed her in the community garden project portion of her internship, where she...

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Shockwaves for Shaquille

Shaquille P. was one of our youth participants in the Youth Employment Program through CCWP. Shaquille was living from home to home when he initially came to our office requesting for help. He was initially placed at the Village of Broadview for his...

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Michael’s Mojo

I want to thank you and all the staff at AACF for your support, both financially and emotionally. I was unemployed for almost two years starting may 16th 2011. AACF sponsored me, by giving me a grant that allowed me to attend the Illinois Manufacturing...

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Passion for Passimazoue

To Whom It May Concern, I, Passimazoue A., have been grateful for AACF in Oak Park, Illinois. For the few months that I have been working with AACF, they have done so much for me. Back in June I was struggling with unemployment and homelessness. They have...

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