There’s hope for the job market in 2024. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), careers in education, healthcare, and hospitality are going strong, with education and healthcare making a 4.3 percent gain in jobs over the past year. Hospitality jobs have the highest growth rate with Chicago, having a two percent higher growth rate in the field than the rest of the nation.

But even with these positive percentage gains in job growth over the past year many companies have found it challenging to hire quality job candidates, according to Forbes magazine. The economic wrinkle still affecting the nation from the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to current political upheaval in the world stage has an impact on employees and economy as a whole. For this reason companies are looking for ways to attract quality candidates and create employee retention by offering incentives and special perks.

Some of the incentives to attract quality candidates include on the job training, or upskilling, providing opportunities for employees to advance within their roles and gain access to promotions and pay raises for increased duties. Providing current employees with opportunities for advancement and increased pay provides both hope and incentives which lead to higher employee retention. Companies which provide upskilling and other forms of professional development attract quality job candidates who see the value in these opportunities for advancement.

Other ways for companies to attract quality job candidates include focusing on work/life balance with offerings of more flexibility in terms of remote or hybrid working options. Some employers also offer a four-day work week option in which 40 hours of work are completed within four days, allowing for a three-day weekend. Many companies are increasing their awareness of employee mental wellness and placing emphasis on work/life balance by offering these kinds of working options with the understanding that having down time can play a role in employee mental wellness and in increasing productivity and enthusiasm for the job.

We use all of these strategies for attracting and retaining quality job candidates. On the job training (OJT) is a valuable offering in a company for garnering dedication, motivation, and enthusiasm among employees. OJT emphasizes mental wellness by providing work/life balance in the form of how and where employees accomplish tasks. We place job candidates in roles where they can attain on the job training as well as provide free/low-cost vocational training. And we provide mental wellness support in the form of counseling to workers who may be struggling with issues that affect their ability to perform their work tasks. Reach out to us for more information on what we provide to both job seekers and workers on the job:

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