How to Stay Motivated at Work in 2020

Work/life balance is so 2019...! What will keep us motivated at the workplace in 2020?! Although it's a no-brainer that monetary compensation is a huge motivating factor for employment, next up on that list would be: recognition. Feeling like we are an important...

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Maintaining Work/Life Balance in The Digital Age

Advances in technology have done many wonderful things for us and made our lives easier in a variety of ways, but those advances also require us to make certain adjustments as a society and sometimes making those changes is easier said than done. With smart phones and...

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The Myth of Balance

Continuing your education is always a good idea, especially if your dream job requires an advanced degree. Taking time off from work to go back to school is ideal, but for many people, it's just not an option. There are always options that help you pay for school, and...

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