Financial Statement

As stewards of public, philanthropic and individual funds, we effectively and efficiently managed our resources to ensure maximum return on investment for our donors and achieve greatest impact for the individuals we serve. It is our hope that the net proceeds from our social enterprise will nearly cover future management and operating cost allowing 100% of donations to go toward our programs and services.

2015 Donor Return on Investment

2015 Expenditures (2015 Consolidated Financials)
92% Programs
6% Management and General
2% Fundraising


Grants from Government Agencies     $617,728
Contributions                                        $  21,356
Investment Income and Other             $  52,921
Total Revenue                                       $692,031


Program Services                                 $665,523
Management and General                  $  38,241
Fundraising                                          $    9,797
Total Expenses                                     $713,561

Assets and Liabilities*

Current Assets
Current Assets                                     $117,989
Fixed Assets                                         $269,591
Total Assets                                          $387,560

Current Liabilities                                $  52,231
Long Term Liabilities                           $124,150
Total Liabilities                                     $176,381

Net Assets
Unrestricted                                        $211,179
Total Net Assets                                  $211,179

Total Liabilities and Net Assets         $387,560

*Financial report provided upon request
Form 990 6-30-2017
Form 990 6-30-2016
Form 990 6-30-2015

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