As stewards of public, philanthropic and individual funds, we effectively and efficiently managed our resources to ensure maximum return on investment for our donors and achieve greatest impact for the individuals we serve. It is our hope that the net proceeds from our social enterprise will nearly cover future management and operating cost allowing 100% of donations to go toward our programs and services.


2021 Donor Return on Investment


2021 Expenditures (2021 Consolidated Financials)
97% Programs
2% Management and General
1% Fundraising


Revenue* And Expenses*


Total Revenue and Support             $ 1,314,101

Program Services Expenses             $ 1,282,856
Management and General                $ 17,196
Outreach & Development               $ 00,000
Total Expenses                                    $ 1,300,049


Assets and Liabilities*


Total Current Assets                                    $338,330
Fixed Assets                                         $229,064
Total Assets                                          $567,395


Total Current Liabilities                                $225,829
Long Term Liabilities                           $86,095
Total Liabilities                                     $311,925

Change in Net Assets                                  $222,741
Total Liabilities and Net Assets         $567,395


*Financial report provided upon request

Form 990 6-30-2021
Form 990 6-30-2020
Form 990 6-30-2019

Audited Financial Statement 2021

Audited Financial Statement 2020

Audited Financial Statement 2019

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