High School Completion

This is a one year program that enables students 21 years of age and older to complete high school and claim their coveted high school diploma. Participants earn their high school diploma at their own pace with instructor assistance.

Vocational Training

AACF offers IHBE approved vocational training programs in Certified Nursing Assistance and basic to advanced computer training. This training offering enables program participants to enroll in post secondary education onsite. Additionally, participants can enroll in post secondary education in other areas of interest offsite.

Workforce Development Training Programs

Each participant is prepared for the world of work by being assessed, addressing problematic areas and completing work readiness training. Financial literacy, career preparedness and job placement services are provided to each participant.

Academic Preparation

In a loosely structured environment participants are provided  tutoring, mentoring, counseling, guidance and  college preparation assistance to navigate requirements, improve academic performance and achievement. Participants are provided ongoing support and encouragement.


Our Support4Success program is a supportive service that provides participant assistance with basic needs such as transportation, food, housing, cost of vocational training, higher education placement assistance, life skills coaching, etc.

Social Enterprise

Earn as you learn in a 12 week program where participants are taught entrepreneurship skills and essential job skills while earning an income.

Housing Program

We provide up to one year of supportive housing assistance to qualifying program participants in need of rental support. Participants in our Housing Program receive case management, counseling, advocacy, and workforce development.


Mental Wellness

Our Community Mental Health initiative provides a holistic and accessible mental wellness care program for job seekers through education, support and individual therapy.



The African American Christian Foundation, Inc (AACF). is a community based nonprofit organization founded in 1985. AACF offers vital support services to the community under the following umbrellas: KAM Institute of Healthcare and Technology, Community and Economic Development and Advocacy for job creation within low-income as well as immigrant communities.

The KAM Institute of Healthcare and Technology (formally The AACF Computer Learning Center) trains students in a wide array of vocational skills and computer applications using state of the art equipment and software. The Center is accredited by Illinois State Board of Higher Education and offers the following courses:

*Computer Office Skills
*Computerized Accounting
*Certified Nursing Assistant

Community and Economic Development activity promotes the use of local economic resources to provide job readiness skills training, job placement, guidance, and support throughout all phases of the employment reentry process for dislocated and the chronically unemployed young adults. Qualifying community youths are provided with internships and paid work experience to prepare them for the world of work and provide with life skills. Job placement assistance and employment retention services are provided to older youths. Youths services offer clients a safe and enjoyable learning environment in our community: to work, obtain life skills, and succeed academically and in life. AACF offers the following programs to serve community youth:

*Internships and On The Job Training
*Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Program
*Academic Tutoring and College Preparation
*Youth Mentoring and Life Coaching

Advocacy promotes comprehensive and effective employer and employee services and support through job creation, facilitating career mobility and lifelong education for low income individuals within the organization service areas. Our programs create positive change in the community by influencing public and private sector policies that reduce barriers to entry into the job market, and enhanced workplace diversity. The organization advocates for a living wage for participants and believes that hard work should be rewarding.

*Public Education
*Labor Laws
*Living Wage

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