Workforce Training Programs

Our youth programs provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for youths in our community in which they can work, obtain life skills, and succeed academically. Our participants face multiple barriers to gainful employment and attending school. Many are dependent on government assistance or have no income at all. Few have witnessed relatives working for a living. AACF provides two programs geared toward assisting adolescents and young adults in retaining employment and planning a career path. Our one-week rapid placement or mandatory four-week workforce development program assists youths with work readiness, life skills training, internships, and direct job placements. Our workforce training service provides career planning through technical skills attainment, on-the-job training, vocational training, and higher education placement. Our highly skilled staff focus on life coaching, career planning and technical skills attainment. Our goal is to connect work-ready young adults to suitable career paths and focus on career mobility and lifelong learning.

DCF 1.0

Each program provides the following services to participants:

  • Skills, needs, and interest assessment
  • Self management and coping with challenges
  • Career counseling and guidance
  • School exploration and enrollment
  • Employment and job retention
  • Case management, support, and follow-up services


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