Workforce Development and Job Training Program

Our Workforce Development Program provides a safe, effective and enjoyable learning experience right in the community in which we work, obtain life skills, succeed academically, shop, engage friends and raise our families. Our participants face multiple barriers to gain and maintain employment or attend school. Many are dependent on government assistance or have no quantifiable income at all. Few have been engaged in home environments with working relatives as role models. AACF provides this program, geared towards assistance in retaining employment and planning career paths.

An exclusive one-week rapid placement service or extended four-week workforce development program assists participants in identifying workplace interests, marketable and transferable skills. Combined with career exploration, counseling, guidance, and planning, this program sets a foundation for success. As a supplement, our highly skilled and dedicated staff facilitates various workshops in workplace readiness, life skills, personal finance, personal responsibility, coping with challenges, resume writing, job search, interview readiness, basic computer literacy, Microsoft Office, GED preparation, technical skills attainment, higher-education placement, internships, on-the-job and vocational training. More importantly, this Workforce Training Program doesn’t abandon its enrollees once they are hired. AACF is committed to not only connecting work-ready clients to suitable career paths and focusing on a well-rounded life of learning and career mobility, but also following-up with continued case management, mentoring, and supportive services to ensure workplace longevity, career mobility, employability refreshers and other job retention strategies.

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Our program provides the following services to participants:

  • Skills, needs, and interest assessment
  • Self management and coping with challenges
  • Career counseling and guidance
  • School exploration and enrollment
  • Employment and job retention
  • Case management, support, and follow-up services


Our workforce development methodology:

Labor Market Driven - Relies on research based and industry expertise to gain profound knowledge of current labor market trends.

Employer-Driven - Businesses drive the training requirement based on their current and future needs.

Connect People to Careers – Match job seekers skill set with current job openings.

Vested in Training - Treat education like a job support offsite training programs that align with employer demands.

Job Training - Provide free onsite training in the following: Certified Nursing Assistant, High School Completion, Microsoft Office User Specialist, etc.

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