Alexandra came through AACF’s doors January 2017, ready to learn and willing to work.  Alexandra started paid work experience at Speedy Accounting Services but shortly after working in the accounting field, Alexandra changed her focus and showed interest in the health care field, electing to train in healthcare, phlebotomy was her skill of choice. Alexandra persevered and continued on until she obtained her certification in phlebotomy. With that certificate under her belt, Alexandra was able to apply for the patient care tech position at Rush University Medical Center and was hired.

Last year Alexandra was unemployed, not going to school and looking to make a way for her and her daughter. It’s 2018 and Alexandra is now working in the healthcare industry as a successful patient care technician. AACF is proud of the progress Alexandra has made and more proud that we were able to help her reach her goals. As we continue to support Alexandra on her journey we wish her the best for all her future endeavors. Congratulations Alexandra! Posted Jan 2018

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