My name is Nia and I am 24 years old. I was first introduced to Tami at the AACF agency when I was just a junior at Trinity High School. Working with Tami, my friend and I were placed at a retail store where we worked throughout the holiday season. Once our internship was over the retail store went on to offer both of us part-time positions. After graduating high school, I went on to attend Monmouth College. While on summer break going into my sophomore year of college, I was awarded the opportunity to be an intern at the AACF office, as a receptionist. It was there where I first began to learn how to operate in a professional setting. Working with Tami and the other AACF staff I was taught interpersonal and customer service skills, workplace behavior, and appropriate office attire.

The experience I gained as a receptionist provided me with the skills that led me to being hired at my school as a library assistant where I worked from 2016 to 2019. Using the same experience, I was able to get another summer job in 2017 at a realtor’s office as a receptionist and assistant. After graduating college, I applied for a position at The Township of Proviso. I currently work at Proviso Township in their Senior Service Department as an administrative assistant to the Director of Transportation. I utilize the transferable skills learned from AACF to execute the duties and responsibilities in my current position. I believe my involvement with AACF as a teenager was the impetus for my growth and preparation for the workforce. I greatly appreciate the people at the agency for their program, it put me on the path to success. Thank you!

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