When deciding to change careers, trade school offers a great option. There are many options with degrees and certificates not taking a full four years to achieve. If you’re considering a trade school, it’s a good idea to know which jobs are the highest paying for trade school graduates.

5 High Paying Careers for Trade School Graduates

1. Air Traffic Controller

Maybe the highest paying job you can get with a trade school education is the job of an Air Traffic Controller. You will manage the movement of planes at airports and keep them safe. An Air Traffic Controller makes $59.87 per hour, on average, or a yearly salary of nearly $123K.

You will need an associate’s degree from the Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program and you will need to be a U.S citizen with the ability to pass a medical and a background check. You will also need to take exams and courts from the Federal Aviation Administration Academy.

If you already have a four-year college degree and three years of responsible work experience, you may not need as much additional training to become an Air Traffic Controller.

2. Construction Manager

A popular trade school job that pays about $46 per hour or a yearly salary of about $95K, a Construction Manager is a person in charge of the construction project. You will create the plans for the site, supervise the project, and manage the budget.

To become a Construction Manager, you will need an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. You can also get this job with ample construction experience, but trade school construction management programs are one of the better options.

3. Elevator Installer/Repairer

If you’re willing to become an Elevator Installer or Repairer, you can earn a yearly salary of around $77K. This type of job will have you working on elevators including the doors, cables, and control systems. You will also get trained to work on moving walkways, escalators, and lifts.

Elevator Installer/Repairers can get the necessary training through trade school programs or an apprenticeship.

4. Radiation Therapist

One of the highest paying jobs for trade school graduates is a radiation therapist. This job pays, on average $43.85 per year. Since this job is found in the medical field, it’s a rather necessary job, as well.

Radiation therapists need an associate’s degree and certification.

5. Margin Department Supervisor

If you enjoy numbers, specifically with finance, you don’t have to go to college to become an accountant. You can become a Margin Department Supervisor with a trade school education and earn more than $76K per year.

As a Margin Department Supervisor, you will be in charge of the margin department of a company. This department decides who to approve and decline for credit and monitors the activity of the account.

While there aren’t any specific requirements to become a Margin Department Supervisor, having an associate’s degree in finance or business is helpful.

A few more high paying jobs for trade school graduates include:

  • Dental Hygienist - About $36 per hour
  • Cardiovascular Technologist - About $33 per hour
  • Power Utility Technician - About $32 per hour
  • Boilermaker - About $30 per hour
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer - About $33 per hour
  • IT Technician - About $26 per hour

Without getting a Bachelor’s Degree, you can still earn a nice income. Trade school graduates have many high paying jobs available to them. The hard part is choosing the right trade school career for you.

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