Work/life balance is so 2019…! What will keep us motivated at the workplace in 2020?! Although it’s a no-brainer that monetary compensation is a huge motivating factor for employment, next up on that list would be: recognition. Feeling like we are an important member of the team is a huge motivating factor that keeps us going at the workplace. A study by Salesforce named 70% of employees would be more motivated if they were better recognized for their work. To help us to feel more recognized at work we can focus upon: coaching/mentoring, relationships, and dialogue - in essence, fostering communication, collaboration, and relationships at the workplace.


After recognition on the list of workplace motivational factors would be: contribution - feeling that our efforts at work matter; that we have contributed to the overall mission and vision of our company of employment, or better yet - have contributed to what we personally feel is important. Both of these workplace buzzwords may be more in the hands of the employer when it comes to administering praise and recognition than in the employee’s, nonetheless employees can take ownership of creating an open communication and collaborative working environment, as well as helping each other to feel as though their contributions are appreciated and important.

Goal Setting

What we can do to motivate ourselves at work in the next decade is… yes, you guessed it - in this age of light speed technological advances: get out the pen and paper, and write down our goals for work in the coming year, the next 3 years, 5 years, decade.. Analyze them and break them down into bite-sized pieces; understand our motivations, personal needs, wants, and dreams; consider education, training, and enrichment. Set time frames and deadlines. Celebrate accomplishments. Just as a corporation has a strategic plan, so can we. Setting and achieving goals is one of the best ways to stay motivated in 2020. Communicate our goals with family, friends, and coworkers and pick a couple of supporters to be our cheerleaders and accountability partners. Just as we are an employee at a company, we can be our own company - and boss - in achieving our work goals in the coming decade.

Further Thoughts on Contribution in Order to Stay Motivated

Something to consider as we get excited with planning… is that those of us who are educated, have backgrounds in which our physical, emotional, social, and education needs were met have a firmer, broader, and deeper foundation upon which to start when it comes to self-motivation than those who do not. Those of us who may have grown up with experiences of not having needs met, families that may have broken apart; socioeconomic issues such as low-incomes, joblessness, and/or homelessness; health-related issues such as: illness, emotional-psychological disorders, addiction disorders, or abuse. What tools do we have in our 2020 work motivational toolkit?

As those of us currently in the workforce are brainstorming ways to stay motivated and get ahead in the coming decade, we can also consider turning those same thoughts outward, to the rest of the world. How can we contribute to the motivation of those who may be working to overcome joblessness and/or other personal challenges?

Here are 3 ways:

  • Monetary - Consider giving a monetary contribution to a local helping organization whose mission aligns with your own.
  • Contribute - Volunteer at a local organization and in doing so connect with others in your community with a similar mind frame around society at large.
  • Recognize – “I see you.” Recognize and say hi to a person you may not normally address, perhaps someone who may be experiencing homelessness, struggling to attain food and shelter.

Just being seen and feeling like a regular part of humanity can, believe it or not, contribute hugely to an individual who may be experiencing homelessness, to their feeling of belonging - an important part in taking those crucial steps in reaching out for help and in learning to take steps to achieve dignified work, financial stability, and find affordable housing. And this is one last way to stay motivated in 2020: gratitude for what we have and contribution to those who may not have as much.



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