“I always thought it was cool how different medicine helps people, and I always wanted to help people.” - Jasmine has always had an interest in medicine. She came to AACF last year through her Pharmacy Technician training program at PharmT Prep LLC when her instructor connected her with financial aid resources. AACF was one of them. Through AACF Jasmine was able to receive funding to cover her Pharmacy Technician training courses, plus much more.

Since Jasmine completed her Pharmacy Technician training, AACF case manager Chuckita Smith has connected her with a paid internship at a Walgreens pharmacy near her home. Jasmine is grateful for Chuckita’s assistance in helping her to complete her Pharmacy Technician training, receive financial aid from AACF to cover the cost of her training courses at PharmT Prep LLC, checking in with her on a regular basis to see how things are going, connect her with resources and send her to job fairs.

“[Chuckita’s assistance] was extremely helpful for passing my classes because I have two kids. I didn’t have enough funds to pay for things because I wasn’t working during the summer.” - Jasmine

Jasmine currently works full time for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and is off during the summer. Jasmine’s role with CPS is administering COVID tests at different sites throughout the school system. Last year she worked for CPS as a care room attendant, overseeing a room in a school where children go if they may be positive for COVID to wait until a parent is able to pick them up. Previous employment for Jasmine has included security, receptionist, grocery store worker, and home care aid. As a teen mom she tapped into assistance from UCAN, a local non profit dedicated to supporting youth and families, for after school jobs and summer jobs.

Jasmine is no stranger to hard work and is savvy at accessing resources for assistance when needed. Grateful for the help she has received from AACF, Jasmine has encouraged her friends and her two younger sisters to reach out to AACF for job training and job finding assistance.

Jasmine just needs to pass the state board exam for Pharmacy Technician to become fully licensed and then she will be eligible for pharmacy positions paying $23 hour plus benefits. We are glad you reached out to us, Jasmine - and proud of you for all of your hard work and what you have been able to accomplish! Good luck on your state boards!

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