Celebrate Black History Month with us by entering our Black History Month poetry contest and let your voice be heard! Submit a poem in rhyme or free verse about what is important to you about Black History Month. Prizes for the winners - We want to hear from YOU!

This year’s theme for Black History Month is: “Black Resistance” where we celebrate Black resistance to oppression and violence perpetrated against African Americans since the time of Slavery. Throughout U.S. history both Black and White freedom fighters have rallied together in resistance to African American oppression - from the fight against Slavery in the South, to the Civil War, to Jim Crow laws legalizing racial segregation until 1968, barring African Americans from the right to vote, gain education, and hold living wage jobs. Oppression against African Americans has been perpetrated in many ways including violence and barring from voting, jobs, education, and owning property. We believe that education and job training is a form of fighting this oppression, enabling African Americans, other minorities, and low income community members to rise to a safe and secure level of economy. We urge you all to join us in this fight! 

Founded by historian Carter G. Woodson in 1915 and nationally recognized since 1976, the intention of Black History Month is to educate U.S. citizens about the history of African Americans, how they were kidnapped and brought here to be enslaved, won their freedom and continue that fight today for freedom and equality. The power of education is in all of our hands and in all of our voices. Join our poetry contest and let your voice be heard!

Please email your Poetry Contest submissions to: klopez@aacfworks.org

Deadline is: Friday, February 24

Prizes will be announced on Tuesday, February 28


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