College is getting harder to afford every day, cutting off an important path to a satisfying and rewarding career that also pays. But there are other ways to gain the skills and knowledge employers are looking for and even raise money and/or apply to scholarships to get the necessary education. The African American Christian Foundation (AACF) is there to help guide high school graduates down those paths, helping people in their communities find satisfying careers that also offer opportunities to make a good living.

“I was introduced to [AACF] after I graduated high school and was in need of a job,” said Keonte.

AACF was able to help Keonte find an internship in which he started getting work experience. He was able to acquire skills on the job and was offered a position as soon as he finished his internship. “It’s truly a blessing to be a part of such an organization,” said Keonte. “They’ve helped me through numerous obstacles in my life, which I’m thankful for.”

Since coming to AACF, Keonte has gone back to college and has plans to complete a 2-year Physical Therapy program. AACF took a young man from a low-income family with limited options and helped him build a promising future for himself.

“I thank the staff at AACF for being supportive and encouraging,” said Keonte. “Not only did AACF extend a hand monetarily, but spiritually as well. The staff and faculty here are both skillful and uplifting. Thank you all so very much!”

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