It’s not easy to turn your life around, but AACF is here to help kids like Kevyon do just that. Growing up in a family of eight, Kevyon’s family was constantly struggling to pay the bills. Kevyon had gotten in trouble with the law and had been assigned a probation officer.

“My good friend, Reginald Bonner, told me about this place called AACF, which is located in Oak Park,” said Kevyon. “Reggie said he got his GED there, and I knew I needed to get my GED, so I asked Reggie for the address.”

When he enrolled in AACF’s program in December of 2015, he was assigned a caseworker named Victor, who remains a great role model to Kevyon to this day. “As we began to work, he asked what’s going on? I told him I needed my GED and was trying to fix my car,” said Kevyon. “Long story short, AACF helped me fix my car, graduate from high school, and also helped me get into college.”

Now Kevyon is enrolled in Triton college, which he will be attending in the fall. In July, he’ll be starting a job with Fallas, after he successfully finishes an internship placement with the worksite. “AACF is a great program for the youth to be all they can be in life,” said Kevyon. “I thank God for them, because they showed nothing but love every step.”

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