AACF is launching a new program designed to train program participants to become career coaches, case managers, and customer service representatives. The new initiative called Career Coach Corp will be run by seasoned case manager Chuckita Smith who will lend her own top notch facilitating and coaching skills to the training. Participants in the Career Coach Corp program will be paid $17 an hour as they learn career coaching techniques, case management skills, as well as valuable customer service and computer office skills.


Participants will complete the Career Coach Corp program with professional skills and be fully equipped to become Career Coaches with AACF or other organizations. They will additionally be trained for customer service and office management opportunities with other companies and the ability to work in a professional business environment. The new program will stand up to its goal of building up a perennial pipeline of professional individuals who are workforce ready to enter the corporate or small business world - and succeed.

The professions of career coaching, case management, and customer service have many common life and work skills. Among them are strong interpersonal communication skills, the ability to connect with others, team-building, persuasive skills, being goal-oriented, and the ability to assess, plan, evaluate, and coordinate. Additionally, are entrepreneurial skills including analytical and critical thinking skills, strategic thinking and planning, financial planning, and the vital element of being a self-starter. All of these skills lend themselves to being a great leader in the workplace. Participants who choose to pursue Career Coaching will have the ability to motivate and lead mentees along their chosen career pathways and all will have excellent customer service skills - which lend themselves to any and all professions.

Upon completion of the program participants will have the options of employment with AACF as a Career Coach or entering into the job market in any industry that requires customer service skills. AACF partners with multiple organizations and places program participants in employment positions with room to grow. If you or someone you know is seeking career training or job placements reach out to us!

Career Coach Corp is available to youth through adults from October 3 through November 30, Monday - Thursday, 9 AM - 3 PM. Call the AACF office for more details: 708-848-1700

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