Corporate Citizenship is not just a thing at Walgreens and we are grateful. We would like to express sincere gratitude to Walgreens corporation for our upcoming one-year anniversary in partnership with placing AACF youth interns in various Walgreens retail store locations across Cook County. Throughout the course of the tumultuous year 2020, Walgreens has accepted AACF youth program participants in intern-to-hire positions. Many AACF youth interns in the program have been fast-tracked to being hired on in permanent positions with the company.

Walgreens originated on Chicago’s South Side in 1901 when Charles R. Walgreens purchased the pharmacy where he was employed. Under new ownership Walgreens pharmacy immediately stood out from competitors for its exemplary customer service, cheerful, warm ambiance, and broader than usual selection of merchandise - with bargain prices. Due to incredible business savvy in decision-making and the high importance Charles Walgreens placed upon providing the best customer service possible, the company expanded rapidly to over 500 stores nationwide by 1930, becoming a publicly traded corporation in 1927. Thriving even during the Great Depression, Charles Walgreens became involved in major philanthropy - also establishing a not-for-profit pharmacy in the Pentagon during World War II. Walgreens was one of the first American corporations to establish profit sharing and pension plans. The corporation is known for hiring veterans and the Walgreens corporate giving motto in support of youth is: “To enable youth people to achieve their potential wherever they are in the world.”

We are very proud to place a second youth intern in the Walgreens pharmacy through their pharmacy trainee program. AACF aspires to place youth interns in corporate positions in Walgreens headquarters located in Deerfield, Illinois - interns we have personally trained in IT, office administration, and customer service through our innovative Virtual Information Technology Internship. AACF believes that all youths can be employed in jobs that will support them - our motto is: “Inspired service. Unlimited possibilities.” Reach out to us if you would like to join our Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship Internship Program or our Virtual Information Technology Internship training program.

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