AACF clients face many barriers to employment, including homelessness, returning citizens, and many other social issues within or beyond the control of our clients. For that reason we are leveling barriers by partnering with the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) innovative workforce re-entry program: Second Chance Program.

Nationally Recognized

The CTA Second Chance Program was created in 2011 and is now a nationally recognized workforce development program, and one of the largest re-entry programs in the country. The program provides valuable job skills and career opportunities, including up to one year of full time employment, paid job training, education, mentoring, and networking.

Program participants gain valuable work experience and skills enabling them to compete for permanent work positions in a variety of fields. They receive education in diesel mechanic skills, electrical skills, as well as instruction in math and tool identification. Upon completion of the program participants earn a certificate and letter of reference from the CTA. Hundreds of participants have gone on to full time permanent employment with the CTA and many others have found employment with other well-paying companies.

In this innovative workforce program participants experience the dual goal of economic empowerment and career skills building with a cohort of others who face barriers to employment. Endorsed this summer by Illinois State Representative Curtis J. Tarver, II:

“Returning citizens deserve to have access to quality jobs opportunities once they have successfully completed their sentencing, allowing them to have a productive, self-sufficient livelihood… I encourage returning citizens facing employment obstacles to take advantage of this program.”- Illinois State Representative Curtis J. Tarver, II, excerpted from: Tarver Highlights CTA Second Chance Employment Program 

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