We are both excited and proud to be on track towards reaching our goal of placing 50 youth in jobs! So far this summer we have enrolled and placed 30 out of 30 youth in stable jobs. We are going strong towards reaching our goal of 50 youth participant placements by the end of September. Please reach out to us if you are a low income in school youth seeking employment, or if you know anyone who meets this criteria. We have an amazing program just for you!

More on our Summer Youth Program

We will reach our goal of placing 50 youth in stable jobs by the end of September. Here’s how: we utilize the most innovative Employment Model and Training Model to run our Summer Youth Program. Our Employment Model promotes the use of local economic resources, equipping our program participants with the knowledge they need to be hired by a company and to sustain employment. Through a combination of both of these models we impart upon our program participant’s valuable life skills, including both technical and entrepreneurial skills that give them a chance to become and maintain productive membership in the workforce community. 

We use our Training Model to provide job readiness skills that include the following skills training:

Basic soft skills
Work ethics
Financial literacy
Customer service
Computer office skills

 For those wishing to continue their education or advance their careers:

Career guidance 
STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

The Employment Model provides participants with opportunities to enter cohort-based internship training. Candidates complete activities tailored towards specific careers with our community partners and include opportunities for permanent employment with those companies. We create an employment safety net for each of our participants using any combination of the following strategies:

Job shadowing
Job referrals
Supportive services
Case management

AACF uses the process of careful assessment activities to collect the data needed to provide a structured pathway related to youths’ employment, academics, and/or career interests. Our outcome: youth will enter and complete subsidized training to gain work skills that will allow entrance into employment along a chosen career path, with job retention - with a 90% completion rate. We remain available to our youth participants throughout their career paths, ensuring success 100% of the time.

We serve low income youth, age 16-24, living in Cook County, Illinois. Our programs are free to those who qualify. Please reach out to use for more information: 708-848-1700

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