Working Hard to Achieve the Dream

Christianna, a young mother of two girls, has very clear dreams of owning her own catering company or restaurant. She had these very goals in mind when she joined the AACF Employment Program in early June this year. Christianna learned about the program from a friend who is currently enrolled in the program, when at the time she was employed in what she felt was a dead-end job as a public safety officer at a local hospital where the pay was, “not so great.”

Upon enrolling in the AACF Employment Program Christianna attended job readiness workshops where she learned a lot of helpful pointers about professional roles and job ethics. She received assistance from instructors in polishing her resume and learning about other workforce skills. During the job readiness workshops she was matched with a career coach who helped her to stay motivated as she searched for a job that was a better fit for her.

Working with her career coach was very helpful for Christianna. “She was always here to support me whenever I needed her,” said Christianna of her career coach. “She really encouraged me to stay patient and motivated during the job search process. She really kept me encouraged, praising me and encouraging me to never give up.”

With her career coach’s support and encouragement Christianna applied to several jobs online. For a position that she really wanted she called to follow up and discovered that they had not received her online application, and she was invited to come in person to submit her application. When she arrived at the company, she received an interview on the spot and was hired on the spot, landing a role in a commercial kitchen which puts her in a position to start pursuing her dreams. She currently has plans to continue working towards her culinary certification at Impact Culinary Training.

Christianna is grateful for the support that received from AACF. We are proud of you Christianna - keep up the pursuit of your dreams!

“AACF helped me to find better jobs that fit me.” - Christianna

“We can’t always do what we want to do, but we always do what we have to do.” - Christianna, on being a working parent

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