The year 2020 has definitely provided real challenges for all of us. Those challenges have perhaps hit certain groups of us the hardest. But in this year’s season of giving it is also a season of gratitude for us as we wish to express our sincere thanks to the Dr. Scholl Foundation for the generous grant of $5,000 awarded this November, making it the third of such an award, granted every other year for the past 5 years. The Dr. Scholl Foundation, whose mission it is to provide financial assistance to organizations committed to improving our world - from Dr. Scholl Foundation , generously supports organizations that make a positive impact in the areas of education, social services, healthcare, civics, culture, and the environment.

The total awarded this year will support our Program Services Fund including our High School Completion Program and other supportive services. We have assisted 13 youth to complete their high school diploma or pass their GED for one-year-old program. Additionally, over the past year, including the pandemic months, we have assisted over 209 program participants with achieving their goals of completing education and securing employment in notable fields and provided 562 supportive services, including to 39 working single mothers so that they could maintain employment. All of this is made possible by the generous contributions from the Dr. Scholl Foundation and many others.

It is undeniable that 2020 has provided us with challenging times. After the current COVID-19 pandemic issues are mostly resolved, hopefully within the coming months, the challenges of poverty, low income, and recession created by the pandemic, will unfortunately remain for some time. We are here to offer some respite from these social challenges and to provide support for our community youth during these times. And we are enormously grateful for the generous support of the Dr. Scholl Foundation and many other organizations and individuals that enable us to continue operating at a strong level to assist our community youth to rise out of the cycle of poverty and lead dignified and productive lives.

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