We believe that education is a crucial foundation for building a successful career. In honor of National American Education Week (Nov. 16 - 20), which celebrates public education and all of the individuals involved to make it happen, from educators to school administrators and parents and families, we make due note of our own excellence in providing alternative educational and vocational pathways for individuals who want to make it happen for themselves. A key core value of ours is the belief that education is power - a matter of economic freedom for our program participants. We emphasize our workforce training programs, designed to fast-track youth participants to earning a living wage in a notable vocation. And we are currently thriving and well with a higher than ever success rate in this new normal. 

How we participate in providing excellence in education on a daily basis - with programs designed to fast-track youth participants to a successful career:

  • High School Completion - one year program towards GED completion
  • Academic Preparation - tutoring, mentoring, counseling, and college guidance assistance
  • Workforce Development Training Programs - work readiness training, financial literacy, career preparedness, and job placement services
  • Vocational Training - IHBE approved vocational training in Certified Nursing Assistant, Truck Driving, and advanced computer training
  • Social Enterprise - paid internships support program participants - earning while learning
  • Microsoft Training Partner - training for the skills needed to work as an office assistant or administrator

We are committed to equity and social and economic justice for our community members and we are incredibly grateful for the generous support provided by the community and our benefactors, including the Illinois Department of Human Services and the Oak Park River Forest Community Foundation for its generous grant awarded to AACF for education and youth development. Education is the key focus in all of our programs. 

Please check our supportive links to see how you may join our organization as a program participant or as a supporter of our mission: to foster the education, economic opportunities, and communal stability of all. 

We have new courses available beginning January 2021 and a Community Job Fair on April 22, 2021. Check out our Upcoming Events

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